Groomed Singletrack Explained

Simply put, groomed singletrack is your favorite trails manicured specifically for winter trail riding on fat bikes. The broader definition goes far beyond that. It’s the solution for winter cycling—a way to keep some fitness through the cold and snowy months, while having fun doing it. It’s a means to get outside and escape the inevitable hibernation that winter tries to force upon so many of us each year.

It means riding with only the moonlight reflecting off the bright white ground illuminating your way. It means experiencing new feelings and sensations that you’ve never felt while riding—that of flying or floating, while questioning whether your wheels are even touching the ground.

More than anything it’s a way to defy the odds—clipping in and pedaling down trails once deemed “closed for winter” while taking snowy berms with more speed and confidence than you do in the dirt. It gives new life to how a trail feels. The first time you carve between the snow-covered trees and maneuver your way through the twisty, white ribbons of snow-packed trail will give you a different perspective of your favorite trail—like the first time you’ve ever ridden it.

This is the future of winter cycling.

This is groomed singletrack.